SF3D Kit 12 Neuspotter NS.465


In March 2883, the Shutoral National Defence Force ordered the Weapon Development Service to produce a high power driver-less reconnaissance weapon. Development and production fell behind due to a change for the worse of the war situation, and a shortage of antigravity equipment. It was not until the end of September 2884, that the Shutoral forces actually began to produce the driver-less weapon with fine computer, seeker, and reconnaissance gear, as well as being highly mobile.
This new driver-less weapon, Neuspotter, was rated high on reconnaissance capability and stealth, and was soon in wide demand. Unfortunately, the number produced was always lacking because of the production of the PKA, which took precedence over the Neuspotter. This limited the Neuspotters to a few, superior forces.

Chassis Number: 4,001 -
Crew: 0
Weight: 0.89 tons
Length: 1.65 m
Width: 2.04 m
Height: 4.50 m
Engine: Dora NS465a
Speed: 230 kph
Range: 2,300 km
Radio: FuG43n
Primary Armament: None
Secondary Armament:  
Armour: 20-50 mm tungsten
10 -20 mm special heatproof ceramic armour