Nitto Kit 14 Fliege PKA Space Type



PKA Space Type Fliege

The space type Armored Fighting Suit of the Shutoral Force Fliege which had been reconstructed from Konrad, P.A.K.-K was added to the driving equipment, the life maintenance system, and so on, and reinforced with an armor and an armament without worring about increasing of weight. Yet Fliege had the front window left because of having no indirect optical system like that of Fireball of the mercenary troops and it caused a great weakness in defense.

Chassis Number: 3643
Crew: 1
Weight: 0.68 tons
Length: 1.22 m
Width: 1.12 m
Height: 2.08 m
Engine: Maybach 216 TRMS
Speed: 36 km/h
Range: 125 km
Radio: SFuG10/b
Sight: KgZF4/14U2S
Primary Armament: PWM41/ Sd.
Laser gun
Secondary Armament:
Armour: 15 mm tungsten
+18 mm special heatproof ceramic armor