Nitto Kit 14 P.K.A. Ausf K Konrad

P.K.A. Ausf K Konrad

As the PKA G improved on the PKA H-series, the PKA K improved on the Gustav. In order to increase the head protection over the older PKA H, the upper half of the Gustav canopy was fitted with an armoured covering and the lower canopy armoured folding was changed slightly. This resulted in more protection for the pilot and was very popular with ground troops using the suit. However, the Gustav was not such a hit with the air force as the additional protection came at a loss in visibility for the pilot, especially when attached to the PK43. Because of this, the Konrad canopy was remodelled to allow for greater visibility, but at the same time, the thickness of the canopy was increased to allow for the same amount of protection for the pilot. In addition, extra armour was added to the hips of the suit.

All this additional armour did increase the weight of the suit however, thus even with a slightly more powerful engine, the ground speed did decrease.

Manufacturer: Niebelungen Armored Wepon Factory
Chassis Number: 53,011 -
Crew: 1
Weight: 0.53 tons
Length: 1.05 m
Width: 1.02 m
Height: 2.10 m
Engine: Maybach 590 TRMnb
Speed: 48 kph
Range: 215 km
Radio: FuG43/c
Sight: KgZF4/c
Primary Armament: High Power Laser PWM.41/Kz
Secondary Armament:  
Armour: 10 mm special surface hardened armour
12 mm special heatproof ceramic armour