Nitto Kit 11 Fledermaus


On the early morning of March 1, 2875, the high officials of the Shutoral forces stood and watched a strange new craft ascending rapidly into the sun. Averting their eyes because of the blinding glare, the craft swooped low over the field and then abruptly started ascending again, showing off its excellent climb rate to the small group of spectators. Realising the potential of the X-PK40, it was immediately ordered into production the following day. It was soon adopted as the primary air weapon of the Shutoral forces, and on September 2882, Shutoral forces raided the Earth where it fought against the Mercenaries own copy of the PK40, code name J-40 (S).

Chassis Number: 1,101 - 1,984
Crew: 1
Weight: 4.43 tons
Length: 5.76 m
Width: 5.41 m
Height: 1.83 m
Engine: Jumo 004A/n
Speed: 825 kph
Range: 2,300 km
Radio: FuG40/a-1
Sight: KgZF24, KgZ24/fa
Primary Armament: 2x 14.5 mm MG313 Machine Guns
Secondary Armament:
Armour: 20 mm with 5 mm tungsten
5 mm special heatproof ceramic armour