Nitto Kit 10: H.A.F.S. JERRY

H.A.F.S Jerry

In the middle of January 2885, succeeding the AFS, the prototype HAFS was rolled out. The SAFS had already been put into actual combat, but its use of new technology and complexity made it impractical for the production line. The HAFS, when compared to the SAFS, was said to the aggregation of ordinary technology, and boasted simple production and maintenance. It was too heavy for the HAFS to have the shape of an armoured suit because it carried a large-sized laser cannon, sensors, and used thick armour. The Mercenary troops decided to begin production of the HAFS immediately, as well as improving the production system of the SAFS.

Chassis Number: 16,222 - 17,432
Crew: 1
Weight: 9.20 tons
Length: 2.44 m
Width: 2.88 m
Height: 3.61 m
Engine: HL64TRM(h)
Speed: 54 kph
Range: 172 km
Radio: FuG39VHF
Sight: TZF7b/f
Primary Armament: 4 cm Prg.42 Laser Gun
Secondary Armament:
Armour: 7 mm tungsten
12 mm super ceramics