Nitto Kit 09:KRÖTE Panzer-Aufklärungs TW 48

Panzer-Aufklärungs TW 48

In 2884, the driver-less assault light scout tank, Kröte, was recognised as a regular weapon of the Shutoral forces because of its versatility. The Kröte was suited to movement in the wastelands because of its superior drive system which allowed it to travel in most areas on its own two feet. It had a strong armoured defence of tungsten and special ceramics as well as an unequalled internal structure. Moreover, it was armed with a Vulcan MG515, which was the most efficient weapon the Shutoral forces had at the time, and a scouting computer and other electronics good enough to meet the demands of the front as both a light assault unit or as a reconnaissance drone. Furthermore, they were fairly cheap to mass produce and their maintainability was good, which endeared them to the units they were stationed with.

The Kröte played an active part as the first driver-less fighting weapon until the more efficient Neuspotter appeared. However many Krötes continued to be used even after the Neuspotter stood at the front as a back-up weapon.

The Kröte has a unique way of walking, and when moving quickly actually bounces, much like the toad from which it is named.

Manufacturer: Bomvol und Zionel GmbH
Chassis Number: 400,001 - 442,303
Crew: 0
Weight: 13.5 tons
Length: 2.56 m
Width: 1.64 m
Height: 3.85 m
Engine: HL190/P38500
Speed: 50 kph
Range: 350 km
Radio: FuG42/dh
Sight: TFZ38/f
Primary Armament: Vulcan 1.5 cm MG515/S Cannon
Secondary Armament:
Armour: 20-70 mm tungsten
10-30 mm special heatproof ceramic armour