Nitto Kit 08 SAFS Raccoon

S.A.F.S R Raccoon

The scout variant of the SAFS, the Raccoon had sensor equipment, such as a large sensor pod and an IR Seeker Optical Unit, instead of weapons. To avoid detection by the enemy, the Raccoon also had an ECM, radiation prevention, and a silencer on the engine, to prevent detection by exhaust noise, through heat or sound sensors.
The Raccoon had enhanced communications gear as well, and was effective as a command unit. By 2885 Raccoons were common in the command structure of SAFS platoons


Chassis Number: 25,621 -
Crew: 1
Weight: 0.49 tons
Length: 1.44 m
Width: 0.98 m
Height: 2.52 m
Engine: HL375-H
Speed: 52 kph
Range: 205 km
Radio: FuG43
Sight: TZF(sd.) 46 and IR Seeker Optical Unit
Primary Armament: None
Secondary Armament:  
Armour: 7 mm tungsten
10 mm super ceramics