Nitto Kit 06

Panzer Kampf 41 mit
Panzer KAmpf Anzug Ausf. H1

In 2875, the proposal of uniting the PK40 with the PKA, developing a light scout plane to provide air support or reconnaissance, was presented to the Shutoral National Defence Development Service by Dr. Ferdinand Lipisch. The reconstruction, with Dr. Lipisch in charge, was completed on June 21, 2884. The official test flight was performed and the reconstruction type P.K.40 was registered as a new type of light scout plane, PK41. The PK41 was given the nickname of Vespa for its unique form. On September 23, 2884, the PK41 Hornisse, developed by combining the PKA with the PK41, set out on its first campaign with the 362nd Assault Scout Company.
About a month after the Shutoral forces won the air in the fight with the J-40 (S) of the Mercenary troops, quantities of Hornisse were placed into other units to be used offensively.
The Mercenaries realised that they had lost air superiority to the Hornisse. The Hornisse continues to manage the air until the Falke of the Mercenary troops appeared.

Chassis Number: 2,001 - 44,011
Crew: 1
Weight: 4.215 tons + PKA
Length: 5.83 m
Width: 5.41 m
Height: 1.55 m
Engine: Jumo 004B/n
Speed: 825 kph
Range: 2300 km
Radio: FuG40/a-1
Sight: KgZF24, KgZ24/fa
Primary Armament: 14.5 mm MG315 Machine gun
Secondary Armament:
Armour: 20 mm with 5 mm tungsten armour
5 mm special heatproof ceramic armour