Nitto Kit 4 S.A.F.S



On October 24th, 2884, Mercenary forces started the trials for the new SAFS. It was commissioned when the AFS started to be overwhelmed and defeated by Shutoral Nutrocker heavy tanks and with the introduction of the PKA suit, the Mercenaries realised that they no longer had the upper hand. Further more, the old AFS was now under-gunned by the new weapons of the Shutoral forces, and something needed to be done about this situation. With this, the Mercenary High Command came up with it's requirements. The new suit needed to be able to mount a more powerful laser than the AFS's current Prg.42. It also need to be able to survive contact with enemy Nutrocker tanks, and finally, it must be as manoeuvrable and as fast as the current AFS. In addition, production must be stepped up, and the suit must be easily maintainable in the field.

Chassis Number: 14,315 -
Crew: 1
Weight: 0.43-0.46 tons
Length: 1.18 m
Width: 0.98 m
Height: 2.23 m
Engine: HL375G
Speed: 52 kph
Range: 195 km
Radio: FuG34S
Sight: TZF(sd.) 45
Primary Armament: 4.7 cm Prg.56 Laser
Secondary Armament:  
Armour: 7 mm tungsten armour
10 mm super ceramics