Nitto Kit 03

A.F.S Mk I

Mercenary Troops Armored Fighting Suit Mk I

23,491 suits were produced of the A.F.S series. Of these 2,315 were MkIs.
These were the original powered suits to first go into combat.
As production increased and feedback was received, the MkII was developed.
It had minor improvements which included heavier defensive armour and was easier to manufacture (90% of the original Mk1 suit components were kept.
However, the MkI's saw some of the heaviest combat as they were the first powered suits the Mercenary's employed against the Shutoral forces in large numbers.

Chassis Number: 1,007 - 3,321
Crew: 1
Weight: 0.35 tons
Length: 0.81 m
Width: 0.78 m
Height: 1.75 - 2.05 m
Engine: HL62TRM(t)
Speed: 50 kph
Range: 220 km
Radio: FuG5-L
Sight: TZF4/38
Primary Armament: 4 cm Prg.41 Laser gun
Secondary Armament:
Armour: 5 mm tungsten
10 mm armoured resin