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#gallery c76e55c3-bf34-4249-b287-0bbaa7a42867 #gallery a125d462-de77-4ea5-b5ab-fc8e38702c1d #gallery 47c118a9-cb6a-43bb-be4f-7b9db9bcf875 #gallery a7f3a4b9-8fff-4c69-9441-00d8cba72def
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#gallery 6a68977c-44f4-4d87-a08b-19505e2b08d8 #gallery 122221fe-451f-451e-b5b3-61036ac8083c #gallery 5793b38e-7b04-427b-9fa5-494a3c4b1bae #gallery 17f02e8d-2973-4169-b784-6efd9c3e7849
#gallery 1d891299-0e58-433b-a6ae-32ea7f70bcac #gallery aacb02a1-1ef6-4065-b86e-8f3abf0884e3 #gallery 697d799c-dc80-4f4b-b343-1d85ade2e159 #gallery a0966f27-a215-4cc9-8c43-5073d66e66ff
#gallery e9f4287d-4095-43e3-b0da-f48445462a8b #gallery 8e65fd7f-110f-430a-ba7b-00f0d8d44235 #gallery 4919c145-b36f-41f0-9d39-6417fd12d25b #gallery d0777394-2ba9-48ae-ab6c-6930999fce8f

some Bonus Cards:
#gallery ea7379c2-a5ff-409d-96d8-f12d72b31d1e #gallery a43ec414-7a5c-42bb-aa06-5df46e9ae7bd

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download all cards
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will be available by June, 1st


Thanks a lot
to all that have supported me
to complete this project,
kindly permitted to use their images
and provided valuable information.

to name them in alphabetical order:

Bryan Krueger, Kruegers Krieger
Dirk Heyer, DocCrazymodel
Jason Eaton, Roboterkampf
Jörg Herbst, coolkits Herbst collection
Mark Stevens Makfreaks Gallery alternate gallery
Masayuki Fujii, nutrocker blog
Michael Fichtenmayer, fichtenfoo
Mr. Boushiya, Kotatsu Kingdom
Mr. Heel, Lovelovegarden

René Larsen Makzbv3000

Without their help this project
would never have been completed.
Special thanks go to Masayuki
for contacting Mr. Heel and Mr Boushiya in Japan.

And of course I have to thank
Kow Yokoyama
for his inspiring paintings,
models and scetches.


some annotations:

most data were taken from Kows Books

Ma.K Encyclopedia I and II,
Ma.K. BD
and data as found on
the Kits from
Nitto, Wave and Modelkasten.

I still do have no official data for the

I'm not sure if the data sheet for the Gradiator,
as given in Ma.K Encyclopedia II, page 42,
is really for the Gradiator.
E.g. the Manufacturer,
Bomvol&Zionel is known as a Strahl factory.
The Gradiators weight of 2.8 t
sounds a little bit qeer too,
compared to a Jerry
that has a weight of 9.2 t
at similar size.
But maybe there is a story explaining this...


Mar 08,2007 : Changed Brian Krueger to Bryan Krueger :)
Mar 08, 2007 Card B1 changed a red line to blue
Mar 09, 2007 Images for the Sandstalker
222 and 232 were swapped

Cards are done
Mai 20,2008

Mark Stevens kindly provided his Hexen and Chaika,
so now the flying Vehicles are complete

Things to come .

I would like
to add a Group "Space vehicles"
(Bananaboat, Sternail,Ferkel and Lunar diver),
and ultraheavy
(Shenkel, Königskröte, Walküre? Undine?
but at present I do not have any
images of them
that I might use

for comments,
error reports
please contact

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