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Karl und Skinhead

 Karl and Skinhead

Having seen Kows paintings,
Jörg Herbst kitbashed these models
some years ago, long before
a "Gans" kit became available.

As kows paintings did give no clue about
nozzles or jump equipment,
You won't find them on his "Karl"



more images (added 2009 )

my A.F.S.-S "Skinhead"

generally spoken, the skinhead is a captured fighting suit of the mercenary troops. It is based on a PKA H0 Body with attached arms of the A.F.S..
To improve its defensive armament, the clear canopy was replaced by an armored cabin, so an integrated indirect optical system had to be installed as well. The introduction of the skinhead led to some really succesful missions against the shutural forces.

the model.
The design is based upon an original Kow scetch.
You need a PKA.H0 Body and legs as well as the arms of an A.F.S., built as desribed in the instructions. The armored canopy simply is painted in the body colors.
I simulated the welding seams at the edges of the former side window by a thin milliput rope, applied with a toot pick.
Sensors at the side of the canopy were found in my spare parts box.
The reserve fueltank on its back was build from a gas can I found in the the tamiya "racing pit team" , the hinges made from the claws of the PKA Hands.
So with just a little kitbashing you can buid Your own unusual Maschinen Krieger suit.

my TW.50 "KARL"

During the hard times in spring 2883, the production of the reconnaisaicance 'neuspotter' almost came to a stop due to shortage of antigravity equipment.
As as stop gap the TW.50 Karl was developed in and build in only 24 days.
The combination of the high mobility of the Kröte and the advanced reconnaisance abilities of the Neuspotter head proved to be very efficient.

Bomvol and Zionel produced 98 TW.50 Karl until the new plants were up and ready to build the neuspotter.
The TW.50 was the first stop gap type to be produced, with a lot of others to follow.

the model
it's all that easy:
simply take one Kröte for the legs and body and provide it with a neuspotter head. Some spare parts were used to attach the spotlight and the sensor array to the Body. For further details just have look at the images.

The diorama:
On a wood base about 12 * 12 " Jörg built the rocks by a mixture of plaster, sand and cellulose glue.
While the mixture still could be formed, he added some spare parts, roots and branches and used christmas snow spray to achive a winter landscape.

© Jörg Herbst 2003
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